Websites…It is almost 2017 and still…

Let me go on a rant here. It is almost 2017 and the fact that some people have awful websites (like 2003 called and said they want their website back kind of websites) really breaks my heart in pieces.

Not only are we moving on to an almost completely mobile internet but the competition is fierce and businesses need every edge they can get. I am not saying that a website will make or break a business, but may be. What I am saying is that people are no longer going to spend one more minute of their time to figure out where you hid the links or to fill out a 15 form field, radio buttons, drop downs and options (dont forget the captcha and recaptcha) forms on your site. Nope, sorry.

Some of the so called “free” website platforms further complicate matters (you’d think business owners would know better than to go for free right?) they provide terrible user experience and no feedback just to get a few dollars here and there from people that use their platform. I wont name any companies but one rhymes with twix and the other with outer space LOL

I had to make a post about this as it is incredibly frustrating as a user to go to a website and try to figure it out, only to go back to google and search again.

The market place is flooding and you know it, why skimp out on a website or digital marketing? Thats how people find you! is like having a brick and mortar store that has a door that doesn’t work and customers cant get in!

No matter, people will continually be cut corners only to be swept aside by the competition and then wonder what they did wrong, since they do such good work.

Our last recession happened in 2008, there is usually no period of time longer than 10 years without one (in the last 150 years of this country’s history) the next recession is coming and only those who are using their assets to invest in their business while they have the liquidity to do it!

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