Business owners, do you wonder: “how do I make more money?”

I am sure this is not the first post that you read about this subject, if you have wondered in here chances are that you have been searching for the answer to this problem in your business. The answer like in many cases is deceptively simple, I hesitate to say it cause your mind will dismiss it. Before we discuss it lets see if you identify with any of the following scenarios.

-You are a business owner that is really good at what you do but you can’t seem to get a steady flow of jobs, is like sometimes you either have too many and you can’t handle them or sometimes not enough.

-You have been at it for a while and have a good company, you get jobs and stuff but not enough to grow, its always references and word of mouth that keep you going, you are happy that you have a good reputation but wish you wouldn’t have to work so hard.

-You have been struggling for a while but now you are really worried that things are not going well and that you might have to find a job or start working for someone else again, there goes the freedom you promised yourself you were going to have. Having a business turned out to be a much harder proposition that you thought it could be.

Are any of those you? well you are not alone, one of the biggest problem with small business owners is that they suffer from what Michael Gerber Calls “entrepreneur Seizure” The state where a technician or someone that KNOWS how to do a JOB or a process decides that because he knows how to do it he also knows how to create a business that delivers such process or product.

The troubles start early. Have you ever found yourself saying “why can’t I get anything done right? If I wanted done right I have to do it MYSELF” If that is you, well I have some news. People are not the problem. Don’t be mad at me, you are not alone, now that you can see that (and I trust that as a true businessman you can put your pride aside and move forward) NOW you can do something about it.

So what does this have to do with Lead tactics? everything. Because you need to be able to take care of all aspects of the business. Now if you have a solid foundation and are just looking to cut to the chase let me ask you, how much to do you know about marketing? How much do you spend on marketing? Do you have a defined message? Why would I hire you instead of someone else? seriously, think about it. Why?

This is what we call USP (unique selling proposition) if you are a commodity then you have no leverage to get me to hire you or to buy from you. Again is like one of my mentors says “fundamentals are not everything gabe, they are the only thing” This is one of those fundamentals of business….

Do you see why I couldn’t just dive in?… I post plenty of information in the topics about on my Facebook page, which is full of videos and such I would definitely check those out. I am actually putting a course together for my prospects and as a bonus for my existing clients where they can fill in the holes of what is needed so that when we actually do the marketing that you need you and your business will be ready.

Much can be written about this subject but much can be summed up in this. “what am I really selling?” until you can answer that you will be at the mercy of other contractors and prospects who see no difference between you and your competitor.

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