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??? What does it mean to “short” a stock? What are the implications of GameStop’s Short squeeze? The Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Step 1: Remote Work Step 2: Virtualization Step 3: Distributed Company

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? Quarantine Update. Why Companies and People have not Figured out Remote Work.

Why the MLM Business Model is Unsustainable. “Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes” Buy it on Amazon.

Profitability – Growth – Time. The Modern Business Cycle.

2020 is Here. Are you Ready? Things to do to get ready (NOT resolutions)

Taped Banana ? Work of Art or Con of Art? The Creative Process and the Role of Art in the Human Psyche.

Decision Fatigue and Positioning

☠️☠️ Where are all the Toxic People At? ☠️☠️ Incomplete Narratives and the its Dangers.

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