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Hi! welcome. First of all thank you for visiting my site! I am so excited to share with you how my clients have made more money by using digital marketing as well as other stories related to the industry.

In a world that is constantly getting smaller, it is to the advantage of the savvy business owner that knows when to TURN on a dime and adapt to a fast changing world to do so fast. Those that are constantly experimenting and testing usually win in the game of business or life.

I was once listening to this speaker that said that everyone would be successful in life, this seemed like a far fetched idea at first but then he went on to explain:

“You see, eventually you will make enough mistakes to realize how to do or not to do things. The problem is that most people would have to wait until they are 200 years old!”

What a great way to put it! I mean in a way many people are stuck not learning enough or only learning the hard way. The problem is that, that takes too long and you never know if you will have enough lifetime to reap the benefits of learning such lessons. I mean just imagine if you have to learn the hard way that jumping in front of a semi truck is not a good idea! I am sure you would learn right away but it would not be “life effective”

So the question is: how can we learn faster? how can we cut the learning curve?

The answer is super simple but not necessarily easy to do :/ the reason being is that most people have other issues to fix besides their not learning. Usually the problem lies not in lack of information but a wrong philosophy. Think about this statistic, 42% of college graduates never read another book after graduation! That is frankly staggering! Would you let a surgeon operate on you if you knew he has not learned anything since he graduated med school in like the 80’s? Haha the answer is obvious!

¬†Yet, many people think that they don’t have any more to learn or think of learning as painful and not rewarding.

I tell you what is most painful…. loosing your job or your business or losing out to the competition because they are ahead of you. No matter what your occupation or industry, one must always be learning and be ahead of the curve especially in today’s world. How do we do that?

First, we need to rewire our brain in the way we think of learning. Second we must be honest with ourselves and admit what the real problem is….

Is it lack of humility?

is it fear of the unknown?

is it resistance to change?

is it lack or organization?

Whatever the reason, one must admit it first before one is to be able to change it. In my next post I will go into this in more detail.

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