TurnKey Launch in the U.S. Market

Overview: Launch successfully in the 20 trillion dollar a year U.S. Market.


When it comes to market size and potential, it is hard to be anything bigger than the U.S. market. In 2017 the U.S. GDP has increased 2.2% and with the recent Tax Overhaul 2018 is shaping up to be even better.

In this land of opportunity few would argue the potential for a company’s growth, but, are there challenges? What are all the different pieces that need to be put together for this to work? Most importantly, what are the factors that we don’t know we don’t know before undertaking this sizable but worthwhile investment?

Pulitzer prize Tom Friedman in his seminal book on 21st century globalization “The Earth is Flat” says it like this:

“America’s [secret] sauce is the Fact that it has the world’s largest consumer market, with the most first adopters in the world, which means that if you are introducing a new product, technology or service you have to have a presence in America” ( Earth is Flat Chapter 6 p. 246 – Italics ours)


A complete solution and implementation plan for a mega successful U.S. Market Launch.

Our team has helped medium sized businesses all the way to Fortune 5 Companies implement cost saving projects and optimize their systems and processes to gain that crucial competitive advantage.

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John Mendocha

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How Do Companies Die of Thirst in a 20 Trillion Gallon Economy?

How Do Companies Die of Thirst in a 20 Trillion Gallon Economy?


How could you be surrounded by this much opportunity and not be successful?

Actually this is very easy, there are plenty of companies that do not make a successful launch or spend way too much money and/or too much time and blow their opportunity by getting their timing wrong.

I Hope You Like Puzzles…

How Do Companies Die of Thirst in a 20 Trillion Gallon Economy?


A Rubik’s Cube  

A successful launch, especially abroad, is like solving a rubik’s cube. You can’t do it one color at a time, you have to approach all sides at the same time since every factor affects every other one and vice versa.

Where do you decide to put your HQ? Do you need one? Why or why not?

That decision alone has an impact in the regulatory, tax, legal, marketing, distribution, staffing, to name a few aspects.

They are not mutually exclusive.

Time the Market

How Do Companies Die of Thirst in a 20 Trillion Gallon Economy?


In business, as in life, timing is everything.  What is the cost of delay or bad timing when it comes to approaching the U.S market?





-Real Estate         



-Growth Marketing            



-Risk and Liability Assessment

Discovery : Discover the Difference

How Do Companies Die of Thirst in a 20 Trillion Gallon Economy?


Discovery Proposition

You should not consider approaching the U.S. Market without doing this type of in depth analysis first.

We are fundamentally answering TWO Questions:

  1. SHOULD your company Launch in the U.S in the first place?

  2. IF the answer is Yes, then HOW will that look like, how will all the necessary pieces fall into place at the same time with the minimum wasted time and on budget? (Time the market)

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