John Paul Mendocha, Fortune 50 Turnaround Consultant and Entrepreneur

Riverside, California

“For the last 30 years, I’ve either been the #1 sales guy or helped CEOs and sales teams win deals and close more business. Technology companies with a complex sales process are my specialty, but I help all kinds of businesses..

Jeff Garnett, Owner of Clean Slate Laser Tattoo Removal

Manhattan, New York

Jeff Garnett is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in marketing, technology and finance. Jeff and his wife, Mary, started planning Clean Slate Laser in 2010.

Philip Meese, Owner of Philip Meese Advisor Growth

Stamford, Connecticut

“I’m Philip Meese I founded one of New York’s premier technology consulting companies, Mercury Technologies. Mercury’s only clients were the top ten banking institutions in the world. After Mercury was acquired by a publicly traded company,  I moved into digital marketing, where I’ve delivered global digital marketing solutions to the worlds largest banks and media organizations.

Michael Smart , independent communications trainer for Fortune 100 Companies

Alpine, Utah

Michael has placed positive stories in the Washington PostUSA Today, Los Angeles TimesNew York TimesWall Street JournalTIME magazine, and NBC’s Today show. He has trained more than 5,000 PR professionals how to boost their communications results. People who have participated in his workshops have subsequently placed their own stories in the Wall Street JournalWashington PostUSA TodayPeopleCNN, and Today and national distribution on the Associated Press.

He has conducted on-site media relations training for clients from Geneva to Tokyo and ongoing personal coaching and services to many more, from Fortune 200 companies to mid-sized and smaller firms.

A former newspaper journalist, Michael has won national and regional awards for news release and feature writing. He has also taught public relations courses for five years at Brigham Young University, where he earlier earned bachelors and master’s degrees in communications with an emphasis in public relations. He enjoys adding to his list of the nation’s most underrated restaurants and exploring the mountains and national parks near his Utah home with his wife and four children.

Behrouz Moemeni Ph.D. , Founder and CEO at SortSmart® and Bemo

Toronto, Canada

“Hi my name is Behrouz Moemeni I am the founder and CEO of BeMo Academic Consulting and SortSmart Software.
My goal is to reduce the socioeconomic barrier to higher eduction while still being able to select the best-suited applicants for high stake roles (e.g. medical doctors, lawyers etc.)

Similarly I have a vision to change how organizations select team members. I believe every applicant deserves to be treated fairly during the selection process while every organizations deserves to be able to select the best candidates as team members. This is why we are creating applicant selection tools that are fair and significantly more accurate in selecting best suited applicants. Imagine having a company with all team members being as intrinsically motivated as the founders themselves. 

Luke Gray, Owner of Gray SEO Global

Working with Gabe was a pleasure. His knowledge in business was invaluable to my company. If you are needing advice on how to start-up your business or if you want to take things to the next level, I would whole-heartedly recommend Gabe. Not only did he bring so much value to my business through an increase in revenue, he is a genuine guy & made the process stress-free.”

Michael Hy, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

“Gabriel is very knowledgeable guy in the field of digital marketing. He definitely knows his stuff. He was able to spot a couple of mistakes that has helped me tremendously with my business. Will use his service again. Thanks Gabriel!”

-Michael Hy , Ecomm Entrepreneur. Los Angeles, California, US.

Ricardo Ramirez, Entrepreneur Owner at UNIK Education

I signed up for a consulting session with Gabe regarding Facebook ads. I am 110% satisfied with the experience. He was very knowledgeable about what is working NOW on Facebook. He gave me 3 key formulas to maximize my reach, and save me money as well. Not only was Gabe proficient in his market knowledge, but he also gave me great advice to implement into my music business since he also has experience in my specific field of work. Thank you for the great experience Gabe.

– Ricardo Ramirez, UNIK Education. L.A California

Lane Belone, Entrepreneur and Founder at Increase Your Freedom

“Gabe is an intelligent professional that knows how to solve problems. Using his foundational knowledge in marketing and business, he takes a strategic approach in what you need. Often times he identifies a solution that you didn’t know existed. Great listener. Always a pleasure to work with Gabe”

-Lane Belone, Entrepreneur at Increase Your Freedom. Stuttgart, Germany.

Tammy Meinershagen, President at Frisco Arts

Gabe is a sharp, highly personable and creative person who has helped us raise awareness for our organization in just a short time. He has been very easy to work with and knows his stuff. We are extremely grateful to have him on our team at Frisco Arts!

-Tammy Meinershagen, Frisco Arts. Texas, US.

Jordan Wilson, Owner at Rolin Cleaning Services Ltd

Gabe helped me massively with understanding how landing pages worked. He recorded me a clear video that I could watch and follow to make sure I really understood the topic, I am very grateful for his time and he will help anyone who needs it! Thanks Gabe!”

-Jordan Wilson, Rolin Cleaning Services Ltd. London, United Kingdom.

Diego Caicedo, Business Owner at Custom Wooden Design

“In a world that has changed so fast and using social media and digital media has become not only the norm but vital for business, to have Gabe’s insight and help in digital marketing has been a boost to my business in tangible results.

If I am willing to pay for a secretary or an assistant or even a helper in my business, more reason for me to invest on someone like Gabe to help me with my specific needs in digital advertising.”

-Diego Caicedo, Custom Wooden Patios. Texas, US.

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