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About Gabe Bautista / My Story

My name is Gabe Bautista, the last name is unique because I am originally from Colombia and yes I have lots of “Narcos” Stories to tell since I grew up in the heat of the cartels and the ensuing civil war some with happy endings, others not so much…

I often get hired as a 3rd party for marketing agencies to work with their clients or as a principal by companies to devise the digital growth strategy to make the most out of their money, time and resources spent.

I am sought after for my out of the box thinking.

¿Le gustaría acceder al mercado de habla hispana de mas de 50 millones de personas en los Estados Unidos y mas el de mas de 400 millones en el mundo entero? También puedo ayudarle a usted y a su compañía a lograrlo.

I am available for individual projects, hourly consulting and hourly contract work.

Here are Examples of the Types of Problems I solve

  • Company X was spending 3k-7k a month on Google and Facebook Ads and they were losing money. I dialed in the audience, message and offer combination. Result: Improved the client ROI from an absolute loss to 200% ROI on Adspend (industry average ROI is around 60%) some money was reallocated to hire more people.
  • Chief Marketing Officer knew the company needed a Facebook Advertising strategy, they spent over 20k to build an audience and create user engagement that would turn into sales but it didn’t. I developed a segmentation strategy that focused the efforts, and increased our engagement, dialed in the marketing and sales funnel and went from 10% ROI to 60% ROI.
  • Client in competitive supplement market, was selling their product wholesale. They wanted to create a brand. Product Launch Mode, I was able to target a narrow enough market to dominate but big enough to be important. Enjoyed retail margins of over 40% (vs. their 5% wholesale margins) As with any launch it was difficult but I helped my client calculate the lifetime expected value of a customer which put our budgets in perspective, we could spend up to $200 to acquire a customer and still expect to make a return of $500 in less than 6 months even if we lost a little in the front end ( churn rate is pretty low in this market, the hard part was initial market penetration) This allowed us to scale to getting 80% ROI.
  • In-house team was spending 10k per month but having no success. Through strategic research I was able to identify the true market constraints and who we were competing against and how much they were spending on advertising. Then I helped to strategize a sub market that we could safely take over with existing budgets and start to acquire modest marketshare. From loss to 50% ROI
  • Product Launch. Coaching program that wanted to launch. The initial hypothesis of where the customers were turned out to be wrong. In the process though, we figured out what the market would REALLY go for and tweaked the message and offer accordingly. Then we scaled to over 80k a month in adspend with a gross profits of over 80% and ROI of almost 300%.

Industries I Have Been Successful In:

Home Improvement – Dermatology – InfoMarketing – Software as a Service – Coaching – Health Supplements – Ecommerce – Hospitality – Plastic Surgery  – Cash Clinics – Live Events – Entertainment – Solar – Audio and Video Production – Residential Real Estate – Commercial Real Estate – Law – Staffing and Recruiting – Non- Profits – Insurance –  Manufacturing –


Modesty aside, I know of no one in this market with the scope of knowledge, experience, strategic AND tactical thinking, implementation follow through, methodical testing, analytical mind and communication skills to make this happen and my clients agree.