With Keith Krance

With Keith Krance, co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

At Facebook HQ

The NDA Badge at Facebook Headquarters!

With John Chaplak

With Speaker and Real Estate Coach Jon Cheplak @ Facebook HQ Austin

With Matt Pocius

With mentor and friend Matt Pocius, Youngest highest paid internet marketing consultant.

With Ryan Deiss in Austin

With Ryan Deiss Mr. himself


With Perry Marshall, Google Adwords Guru and Author of "The Ultimate Guide to Google Advertising"

About Gabe Bautista / My Story

My name is Gabe Bautista, the last name is unique because I am originally from Colombia and yes I have lots of “Narcos” Stories to tell since I grew up in the heat of the cartels and the ensuing civil war some with happy endings, others not so much…

I often get hired as a 3rd party for marketing agencies to work with their clients or as a principal by companies to devise the digital growth strategy to make the most out of their money, time and resources spent.

I am sought after for my out of the box thinking.

Here are Examples of the Types of Problems I solve

  • Company X is spending thousands on Google and Facebook but don’t know if they are making money or losing their shirts! (over 85% of online campaigns lose money) We figured out what was important and what needed to be measured and how, what could be safely ignored we ignored and doubled down on what was important. Figured out we could spend TWICE as much on Digital and Cut the TV advertising altogether. Company got 3X benefit for half the money they spent on marketing.
  • Chief Marketing Officer knows they need a Facebook strategy but all attempts have been a waste of time, money and resources. We created a segmentation strategy that focused our efforts, we were able to deliver it quickly, ran tests until we could scale saving time and money and actually making money as opposed what they were doing before.
  • Client in the super competitive supplement market, created a differentiated message so they could become a brand and stop relying on distributors. Enjoyed higher retail margins and control of THEIR product as a result. We spent more money at first but it was because of questions that I asked we figured out that lifetime expected value of a customer was way higher than simply a single purchase.
  • In-house team works hard and spending money but having no success. Through research we were able to identify the true market constraints and who we were competing against and about how much they were spending on advertising. Then I helped to strategize a sub market that we could safely take over and make the most of the advertising money and grow out from there. Now the Client is a top player and increasing in size.
  • Brand New Launch. Coaching program company has no idea what success looks like ( what to measure and how). We came up with an initial hypothesis that turned out to be wrong. In the process though, we figured out what the market would REALLY go for and tweaked the message and offer accordingly. Then we scaled to over 100k a month in adspend with a gross profits of over 80% and ROI of almost 300%
  • Company has a great product and a following, they wanted Instagram and Facebook to work as channel because they are spending thousands on traditional media. I looked through their creative assets and content and identified key videos and messages which were tested and doubled their ROI and increased the brand presence and market share by 2X. Experience
  • 5 years Internet Marketing Experience, managing over 100M ad spend across different industries. (PPC, social media, Autoresponders, ecommerce etc)
  • Google Adwords: Trained in Google Adwords by Mike Rhodes (Co-author of “The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords”)
  • Facebook Advertising Trained in Facebook advertising by Keith Krance (Co-author of “The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising” and owner of dominate web media Facebook Agency one of the biggest Facebook Agencies in the U.S.) 


Modesty aside, I know of no one in this market with the scope of knowledge, experience, strategic AND tactical thinking, implementation follow through, methodical testing, analytical mind and communication skills to make this happen and my clients agree.

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