With Keith Krance

With Keith Krance, co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

At Facebook HQ

The NDA Badge at Facebook Headquarters!

With John Chaplak

With Speaker and Real Estate Coach Jon Cheplak @ Facebook HQ Austin

With Matt Pocius

With mentor and friend Matt Pocius, Youngest highest paid internet marketing consultant.

With Ryan Deiss in Austin

With Ryan Deiss Mr. himself


With Perry Marshall, Google Adwords Guru and Author of "The Ultimate Guide to Google Advertising"

About Gabe Bautista / My Story

Hi, I am Gabe Bautista, an entrepreneur from Bogota, Colombia. Although I have called Texas my home for over a decade.

I am a digital marketing consultant who helps companies profit wildly through effective use of Digital Marketing Strategies, this can be a particularly difficult challenge since these technologies change very rapidly. Managing large digital ad spend on behalf of clients and able to consistently improve their ROI, through effective goal setting, structure and strategy around those goals, using the right platforms and right tools the right way to accomplish said goals.

My journey started several years ago while traveling to looking for the people who were making the biggest impact in this ever changing business. In my travels I made friends and mentors that have helped sharpen my skills. Among those is Matt Pocius whom I met in California, he is the youngest highest paid internet marketing consultant in the world. We met at the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and started making connections from there.

I realized that I could help many different businesses implement these strategies correctly and be more effective and profitable as a result. In any market, 80% of the businesses are not making the most of their client base and only 4% are really killing it. What makes them different, I wondered? So I went straight to the source and began to delve even deeper into business, technology and strategy, traveling and learning directly from those top companies and the people behind the scenes making it happen.  I now help companies from consulting with them or Auditing their internet marketing accounts to offering my “done for you” services and coaching their internal teams in social media, advertising in Google and Facebook, email marketing etc.

I am also a creative entrepreneur that mixes my creative and out of the box talents with business ideas and systems to create innovative solutions to the ever changing problems of business! How fun! 

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